Tuned out


A collection of 12+ arcade games for 2-4 players that can be switched between instantly like the channels of a TV, challenging players to juggle all games at the same time to achieve the highest possible score.

This game is a work-in-progress supported by the NYU Game Center Incubator being made in collaboration with

Denver Coulson
Missy Senteio

Shown at (in part or full)

A MAZE/Berlin, Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany, April 2018
That Party, Public Works, San Francisco, CA, March 2018
Death By Audio Arcade Demo Night, Cloud City, Brooklyn, NY, March 2018
Juegos Rancheros at the North Door, Austin, TX. February 2018
Friendship at Bar SK, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, January-February 2018
The Leaderboard Indie Game Night, NYC, October 2017
NYC Media Lab '17, NYC, September 2017
PLAY NYC, NYC, August 2017
Brooklyn Brewery BQEs and Betas, NYC, July 2017
Gamescape at Artscape, Baltimore, July 2017
Game Devs of Color Expo, NYC, June 2017
Different Games Toronto, Toronto, May 2017
Playcrafting Spring Play: NYC Game Expo, NYC, April 2017
Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion, NYC, April 2017
Brooklyn Brewery BQEs and Betas, NYC, March 2017
NYU Game Center Booth GDC, San Francisco, March 2017
Babycastles, NYC, February 2017
Brooklyn Brewery BQEs and Betas, NYC, December 2016
EGX Leftfield Collection, Birmingham, September 2016
Montreal Independent Games Festival, Montreal, September 2016
Boston Festival of Indie Games, Boston, September 2016
A MAZE/Johannesburg, Johannesburg,  August - September 2016
NYU Game Center End of Year Show, NYC, May 2016