RainboDisko Rules

The following is the general set of rules, however the game usually requires on-the-spot rule changes to accommodate different contexts.


2+ players as space around record player permits


1 record player

1+ record (ideally the collection includes the self-titled album Christopher Cross)

46+ game pieces (preferably tall enough to fall down and/or interact with the record player arm but they should be able to stay on the spinning record to some degree)


Play record at a speed somewhere in the 45 - 78 rpm range depending on the number of players and skill level.

Set the needle at the beginning of the record.


Survive as long as possible.


Play consists of taking turns until the game is no longer being run.

On a turn, the current player places a piece on the spinning record, trying not to knock off any pieces.

The player receives a point for each piece knocked off before the next player places their piece.

When a player has accumulated 7 points, they leave the game and allow a new player to join the turn order.


This game should be thought of as a folk game due to the fact that equipment and play situations are likely to vary. Adjustments to record player speeds, number and type of pieces, the overall rule structure of the game, etc. are encouraged in order to discover the best play experience for the situation. 

The values included in the above rule set are based on exhibiting the game in large group settings during IndieCade 2014.