Glitch Dungeon Rules

The following is the general set of rules, however the game usually requires on-the-spot rule changes to accommodate different contexts.


4 - 8 players in teams of 2


25 floor tiles

1 colored bracelet for each team

5 colored treasure rings for each team

Game Moderator w/randomizer app on smartphone, called the Mainframe


  1. Lay out floor tiles in a 5x5 tile grid.
  2. Place one treasure ring for each team on the center tile and then one treasure ring for each team on each of the tiles diagonal from the middle, covering a total of 5 tiles.
  3. Each team decides who will be the Android and who will be the Commander. The Android will put on their time's colored bracelet and stand on an unoccupied corner tile. The Commander stands beside them, just outside the grid.
  4. When all the players and the Mainframe are ready, play can begin.


Glitch Dungeon is turn-based.

To start the game, the Mainframe will use a randomizer app to select a team to go first.

A turn consists of the following

  1. The Commander shouts a command at their Android. Commands consist of the following
    • Move Forward/Backward/Left/Right
    • Turn Right/Left
  2. If the Android performs an incorrect action or their action causes them to collide with another Android the Mainframe will use a randomizer app to give them a new, valid command. If the Android fails to correctly follow this command they remain on their initial tile, in their initial orientation and they lose their turn.
  3. Play continues very rapidly in a consistent turn order with each team trying to collect all of their treasure rings (those of the same color as the Android's colored bracelet) by landing on the tiles containing them.

End of Game

The game ends when one or more of the teams has collected all of their treasure rings.