Foxbox Rules

The following is the general set of rules, however the game usually requires on-the-spot rule changes to accommodate different contexts.


8 players divided into 2 teams of 4


2 basket backpacks

2 goal squares

16 white balls

8 Victory Boxes

1 Game Moderator


  1. Place all Victory Boxes in a location to be the center of the field.
  2. Designate two areas, on opposite sides of the field, to be the respective goals of the two teams and place Goal Squares in that location.
  3. Scatter all 16 white balls at random around the field.
  4. Each team decides who will be the Fox and that person puts on the basket backpack.
  5. Each team lines up next to their goal.
  6. Play begins when the Game Moderator and all of the players affirm that they are ready to begin.


Play happens in real time and lasts until one of the End of Game conditions is met.

The three regular players on each team move around the field, trying to throw a white ball into the opposing team’s fox’s basket.

The foxes on each team move around the field trying to move 4 Victory Boxes into their goal.

End of Game

There are two possible victory conditions that end the game:

  1. Their fox transfers 4 Victory Boxes from center of the field to their team's goal.
  2. They get a ball into the opposing team's fox's basket.