final fantasy football


Final Fantasy Football takes the fun of dodgeball and melds it with turn-based strategy, push-your-luck dice rolls, and good old fashioned balancing.


• Teams of two will face head to head trying to defeat the other team
• Get a player out by throwing a dice ball at them
• When hit by a dice ball that lands on the ground, let it roll until it stops. Whatever number is face up is the damage you take.
• You are allowed to catch the ball. It causes the dice ball to do nothing
• You start with 10 health. Once you're out of health, you're out.
• If you fall over, you are automatically out.


• Everyone takes turns. On your turn you have up to two actions.
• Move: you may pivot one foot any distance
• Throw Dice Ball: throw the ball underhand at an opponent
• You may pick up any ball around you on your turn.
• If a ball is thrown at you, you may pivot dodge but that is it.

This game was made in collaboration with

Blake Andrews
Denver Coulson
Seth S. Scott